Amazing Testimonies

My name is Orlando. I'm an ex gang member,drug addict, and an ex convict. There was a time in my life when I was nothing more than an everyday thug. Yea it was fun for a minute, but soon got serious. Through the years I've lost homies to murder, suicide,drug overdose,etc.. Many times I to almost lost this battle we call life. My drug addiction almost took my life four times to an overdose. It didn't matter what kind of drug it was I did it. I always knew that somebody was looking over me but I didn't care.

The drugs, and gangs consumed me. I was stabbed,sliced,jumped,shot at,shot in the back,hit by a car twice,and had my house burned down by a phsyco woman. Do you think I learned? Nope. I continued to live the "thug-life" I eventually ended up in a maximum security penitentary for robbery. Prison was an all new experiance. A lonely one, on the streets I was KAOS, but in the joint I was Just Orlando, all alone.

At first it was rough. I saw a riot, fought alot trying to make a name for myself. Got all tattoed up. I also got jumped and stabbed while I was there. I had some jailhouse religion. But when I got out I went right back to the street life and KAOS was back. My life was going down hill and fast. I was in way over my head.

My mother used to witness to me over the phone, with tears in her voice. But I knew the truth. I grew up in church as a kid. One night I was telling her how me and a homie were out cruising and our car got shot up because we saw some dudes do a murder. She asked me a question that hit me like a bus. She said " son if those bullets would of killed you, where would you be??" I knew thw answer was hell. But tried to beat around the bush. That conversation stayed on my mind. But like I said my life was going down hiil fast. Instead of turning to Christ I attempted suicide. Thinking it would be better. I took 19 pills which I won't mention. I nearly kissed death on the lips that night. The paramedics in the ambulance had to recesitate my heart. But I remember that night like yesterday, and probably always will. A couple weeks later I called a pastor That I knew of. He was part of the same fellowship as my mothers church.( the potters house/the door.) That night seven months ago I gave my life to the LORD in an IHOP parking lot. Life still isn't always easy but in the end it is the christians that win.

My life was deliverd and yours can be also. Like my mother asked me.


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