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     Hello, My name is Jose Ciro Zavala. I am 29 years old, I am married and have six kids, three boys an three girls. I got saved on May 11th 2006. I came from a broken home, I have three brothers and two sisters, we all have different fathers. My mother brought us up with bad language and always screaming and spanking us, sometimes for no reason, she was very hateful towards us. I always saw her get beat up by her boyfriends or husbands. She married four times and never had time to spend any quality time with us or take time to talk. So I started going to the streets, the first time I ran away from home I was just 12 years old. By age 13 is when I met cocaine and I loved it. I started using it when I was so young that I didn't want to work, so I went into selling it. I thought it was the best thing ever. I acted like a person I really didn't like. I thought I had it all, money to buy things, and always getting high. Well my uncle (my mothers brother) that I love so much showed me something I never thought I would do or end up doing in my life. I was only 13 when my uncle injected me with cocaine. Well I liked it but never did it until I was older. All I did was snort and smoke rock, as the years went by it was always by my side. I got older and thought I had everything, but drugs were my life.

     On Mothers Day in the year 2000, I made a party for my mother and she didn't even show up until it was over. I was upset and later she called me crying that my uncle had beaten her and stold her truck. Later that night he went to my house for drugs, I was so mad that I shot him in his knee with a 12 gauge riffle inside my apartment then I dragged him outside. On the sidewalk in front of all the nieghbors and my other uncles, I broke his ribs, I told him to take the riffle and bullets and go. I paid him with cocaine so he could take the blame and if they were to catch him I would bail him out. He left and after he finish the cocaine he came out of hiding and turned me in. At that moment I wanted to kill him. Later they arrested me and gave me a $75,000 bond, I lasted 15 days in county jail, till a lawyer got me out on bond. One year past and I had to appear in court since my uncle didn't file charges, but the state did (my uncle said it was an accident) so I only got 6 years of probation. On my sixth month of my probation I ran to Mexico and met someone who told me about La Santisima Muerte(Death). I gave my life over to her, I would worship her everyday, I would worship the Devil, and I would curse God. I started driving loads of drugs from Mexico to Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. I always had money and La Santisima by my side for protection, so I thought.

     The years went by, I was always hurting people, especially my loved ones. On July 6, 2004 my uncle Esteban Nava went to my house at about 11:00 pm, he was drunk and wanted to buy drugs. He only had $2.00 in change, I was so mad becuase he woke me up, and he had no money. I told him to wait and I went to my closet were it was hidden, in a pair of my favorite pants. I checked the pants and found nothing, I looked through the whole closet and still found nothing. I checked my favorite pants over and over and found nothing. My uncle got so upset and said " If you don't want to give me any just say so". He went to his truck and was about to leave, then I threw my pants against the wall and the $300 bag of cocaine flew out of the same pants I had checked many times and found nothing. I ran to stop him and I accidently gave him about $60 worth, he left my house all paranoid. Later that night, at about 2:30 am, he abandoned his truck and ran to a resevoir, he fell in and drowned. I blamed myself for his death everyday. He was my blood, I loved him so much that it was killing me.


     As the time pasted by and I meet a friend and a girl who were injecting themselves with cocaine. I started using it everyday and thought it was the best high ever. I didn't want to live and I thought my life was over. I was buying $6,000 to $7,000 of cocaine a month. I was still selling to support my habit. I would never spend time with my kids or my wife, always on the road or locked up in my room getting high. My arms were full of blisters and boils all over, I was destroying my life and my body, I didn't want to live anymore. One day I wanted to commit suicide so I took about 500 pills and overdosed, but I didn't die or even get my stomach pumped. My pain was so bad that I would cry out to Jesus Christ in a desperate way for help, but nothing. I thought there was no God, if there was it was to late for me. So one day I injected myself with 100cc of cocaine and didn't even leave a drop. It went throught my vien and my body flew from wall to wall, while I was dying locked in the restroom. Having the sixth overdose I heard my wife and kids calling me saying "don't give up, fight and stand up". My body was all beaten up and I started to cry. I started to fight the drug and managed to open the door, a breeze blew over me and there was nobody in my house. I got on my knees and started to cry so loud because I knew God gave me yet another chance.

     Well the days and months past by, I was crying desperatly to God for help. Looking for help everywhere, I went to ditox and rehabs and they would turn me away. I felt my life was over and nobody wanted to help me. I went to the hospital, and even they got scared when they saw my arms wiht holes and didn't want to help me. Since I already owed them a lot of money, to them I was another junky waiting to die that nobody wanted.

     I remember walking outside of my house, I found a flyer thrown on the ground. I was calling the first number and nobody would answer, so I called the next number it had. Finally Pastor Gabriel answered praise God for him cause it was the last call I was going to make, if noone answered I was going to stab myself to death. When he spoke I cried so desperatly for help! Pastor Grabriel sent paster Cali, brother Marcos and brother Victor to my house to pray. Well as pastor Cali touched my arms and prayed I felt something so strong that it changed life and made me a new person. It was the Holy Spirit ripping and tearing the chains of hell ! I was finally free!

     I will never forget May 11th, 2006 at 6:30 pm when God picked me up and showed me how much he loved me. I live happy now letting everyone know what a beautiful miracle God made in my life. I'm so glad my beautiful wife never stopped praying for me, she stayed and had faith, I love her so much, she'll always be my angel God sent me to have.

     I want to thank God almighty for hearing my desparate cry!! I want to thank Pastor Gabriel, Pastor Cali, brother Marcos, The Door church, and my loving Aunt Bea (I was always in her prayers) may God bless them always. If Jesus changed my life He can change yours, it doesn't matter how bad it seems, He will forgive you. Don't ever feel alone God is with you, just waiting for you to humble yourself and he will lift you up. He is the only one who can take all your pain and suffering, if you would just open your heart to Him.

Love always ,

Ciro Zavala

Remember, religion cannot save you, only Jesus Christ can !!!


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