A new site exposing CFM

Due to the continuous lies told about myself from members of the Potter's House fellowship, I am turning this most popular site into a site exposing the Potter's House. 

Because of the sinister nature of the church, I must expose Greg Hagenson and also Grant Huggins as liars and slanderers.

The Potter's House has two main legalistic issues. Tithing and headship doctrine. Pastor Wayman Mitchell teaches that you basically have to tithe or else you will go to hell. CFM members are told to submit to their "headship" 100% or else they are in rebellion! So we can see that there is leaven that has leavened the entire lump of CFM. 

Because I am no longer in CFM I am usually accused of being unsaved, a backslider, a hate filled rebel etc. CFM basically excommunicate people and cut them off totally. I have had multiple accusations made against me and thus why I can no longer remain silent. I plan to make this page filled with information concerning Potter's House doctrines and teaching. I will also be exposing the injustice of many pastors and the careless attitude CFM has for many of its members.

This site was formerly a pro-Potter's House site, and many of the articles are still the same. Over time we will change this, and do articles about the group. 








Some new links will include:

Why inherited curse teaching is garbage.
Why tithing is legalism. 
CFM teaches co-dependency 

Headship doctrine is for Old Testament Kings, not pastors

Is CFM hyper pro Israel? 
Is CFM a denomination?
What about the TV rules and Cinema restrictions?
Why is CFM primarily old covenant in their worship? 


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