An Open Door - The History of the Potter's House Christian Fellowship





  In a little town in Arizona, God chose to unleash a spiritual revolution. A struggling pastor got tired of “religion as usual” and was bold enough to step out on the word of God. Step by step God brought them back to the Bible principles that caused the New Testament church to shake its world.

  Birthed out of the Jesus People movement the Prescott church took those early concepts of radical street evangelism and harnessed them to the church. Struggling to obey, the congregation learned about discipleship, church planting and the power of the indigenous church.

  The result has been the launching of hundreds of churches, the raising up of powerful crusade and conference ministries, and above all; obedience to the gospel command, “Go Ye into all the world” This is that story.

Rev 3:8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it….



Table of Contents




Chapter One - God’s Plan


Chapter Two – Ministry


Chapter Three – North


Chapter Four – Prescott


Chapter Five – Evangelism


Chapter Six – Roots


Chapter Seven – Distinctives


Chapter Eight – Leaders


Chapter Nine – God the Architect


Chapter Ten – Church Planting


Chapter Eleven – Earth Fillers


Chapter Twelve – Mexico


Chapter Thirteen – Flagstaff


Chapter Fourteen – Providence


Chapter Fifteen – Expansion


Chapter Sixteen – Opening and Closing Doors


Chapter Seventeen – The Philippines


Chapter Eighteen – And God Multiplied the Church


Chapter Nineteen – Larry Neville


Chapter Twenty – The Church



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